Greg P. Bell

Chairman & CEO, B2 Digital, INC.

Mr. Bell is one of the early pioneers and entrepreneurs in Entertainment and Digital Media and has been working in the field for over 30 years. He was involved in the early creation of the technologies and algorithms that allowed analog media to be transformed into digital bits and compressed data streams and created specific business enterprises that capitalized on the creation of digital transmissions at Scientific Atlanta, Compressions Labs, VCON International and Qwest. Mr. Bell was one of the initial Vice Presidents of Business Development at Qwest Communications where he developed Qwest's Digital Media Company, Slingshot Networks. He then ran all operations of Slingshot, reporting to the board of directors, which managed and operated three full time studios including the creation of the Broadcast Studio in Staples Center, TV and News productions, LIVE events at the Staples Center, distribution of a national television show distributed by Warner Brothers TV Distribution and online television productions and web distribution for the NFL, NBA, NHL, AFL, Boxing, Democratic Convention and LIVE music events.

Upon leaving Slingshot in 2000, Mr. Bell founded B3 Development Group, a firm specializing in developing emerging market entertainment and media companies. Mr. Bell ‘s B3 Development Group founded B2 Networks in 2001 which quickly became the defacto standard for Watching LIVE Pay per View Sporting events online. B2's Proprietary Online System broadcast LIVE Professional and Collegiate sporting events online to a global audience broadcasting over 1000 LIVE games per month. Mr. Bell developed and implemented a merger with B2 Networks and the America ONE Television Network where he became CEO of the combined companies. Under Mr. Bell's direction the company now called ONE Media Corp launched the new ONE World Sports TV Network, in North America on Cable and Satellite, with a pure digital end-to-end distribution system, along with continuing the company’s growth in the online distribution of Sports and Entertainment. After leaving as CEO of ONE Media Corp, he currently sits as Chairman of B3 Development Group, which specializes in developing and fast tracking emerging entertainment, transaction technology and media distribution companies. Mr. Bell continues to expand his holdings and currently has business holdings in ONE Media Corp; B3 Development Gaming Group which under contract with Caymanas Park Race Track, owned by the country of Jamaica, developed Jamaica’s first all digital state of the art Pari-Mutuel Live Sports Gaming System for mobile devices and currently is operating under the brand CaymanasToGO for the Caribbean Consumers and the Platinum Racing brand for USA and European consumers. The B3 Gaming Group mobile device wagering system and technology allows consumers globally to watch and wager on Live Horse Races and Sporting Events being held in the UK, USA, Canada and the Caribbean; B3 Gaming Services Group, a premier transaction and customer service group that offers management services to the Gaming industry in the Caribbean, B3 Networks, a premier state of the art digital broadcasting company that developed the B3 Television Satellite Replacement Technology which allows TV Networks to broadcast globally on the public internet instead of satellites in broadcast quality HD & SD Television. B3 Networks has deployed and services the B3 technology to broadcast High Definition TV signals globally to cable head ends, smart phones and Internet connected devices for the Jamaica Education Television Network, the Caymanas Race Track and other mobile applications globally.

Mr. Bell has worked at the top technology development companies that developed the digital technologies, which are in use today at Scientific Atlanta, Compression Labs, VCON and Qwest. He also has managed and been directly involved with over 55,000 LIVE events in his 30 year career. He has worked with a diverse group of clients in the entertainment, sports and technology communities including the NFL, NBA, NHL, AHL, NLL, ECHL, IFL, USHL, SPHL, NCAA, NAIA, MISL, AFL, AOL, FOX, UFC, NAAFS, Bellator, WEF, the Staples Center, the Orleans Arena, Oscar De La Hoya, Barbra Streisand, and top entertainment venues, acts and actors. His clients and companies have capitalized on Mr. Bell's knowledge of the world of Entertainment, LIVE Events, Sports, Digital Television and Digital Online Transaction and Distribution Systems.

Paul LaBarre

CO-Chairman & VIce President

Mr. LaBarre was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer in February 2008.  Mr. LaBarre has served as Vice President of Operations, Sky link America, Vice President of Operations C3 D Digital, Senior Vice President of Corridor Communications, President of Eagle West Communications, Inc., President of Hotel Movie      B/S, Electronic Engineering Technology 1997, Almeda University ; M.B.A., 2000, Almeda University.

Andrew Georgens


Mr. Georgens started Communications Systems Contractors (CSC) in 1971 specializing in aerial / underground coaxial networks for CATV. CSC designed and constructed over 10,000 miles of aerial plant and over 5,000 miles of underground plant, installation of wired networks in over 500 hotels, hospitals and casinos and military bases, satellite C and Ku dishes, towers, microwave links, terrestrial antennas, twisted pair Cat 3 and Cat 5 networks, fiber optic networks, security and surveillance networks and wireless networks in pre and post construction scenarios.

In 2010 he became a Director of B2 digital.

He has been married for 44 years, has four children and three grandchildren.