In February 2017, the Board of Directors approved a complete restructuring, new management team and strategic direction for the company. Capitalizing on its history in television, video and technology, the company is now forging ahead and becoming a full service Live Event Sports Company.

The Chairman and CEO of the company is now Greg P. Bell.  Mr. Bell has over 30 years of global experience developing more than 20 companies in the Sports, Television, Entertainment, Digital Distribution and Banking Transaction industries. Capitalizing on the combination of his expertise, relationships and experience as well as his involvement with more than 40,000 LIVE events over his career for major sports leagues and entertainment venues, B2 Digital is in the process of developing and acquiring companies to become a Premier Vertically Integrated LIVE Event Sports Company.

B2’s first strategy is to build an integrated LIVE Event Minor League for the MMA Mixed Martial Arts marketplace, which is a billion dollar industry. B2 Digital will be creating and developing Minor League champions that will move on to the MMA Major Leagues from the B2 Fighting Series. This will be accomplished by sponsoring operating LIVE Events, acquring exisitng MMA Promotions and then inviting those champions to the B2 Fighting Series Regional and National Championship Series, B2 will own all media and merchandising rights and digital distribution networks for the B2 Fighting Series. This concept was developed and test marketed for 2 years by Mr. Bell’s B2 Management Group.

2017 will be the kickoff of the B2FS “B2 Fighting Series” by sponsoring and holding B2FS LIVE Events.  

The second strategy is that the company plans to add additional Sports, Leagues, Tournaments and Special Events to its LIVE Event Business Model.  This will enable B2 Digital to capitalize on their core technologies and business models that will be key to broadening the revenue base of the companies Live Events core business.  

B2 Digital will also be developing and expanding the B2 LIVE Event Systems and Technologies . These include Systems for Event Management, Digital Ticketing Sales, Digital Video Distribution, Digital Marketing, PPV (Pay per View), Fighter Management, Merchandise Sales, Brand Management and Financial Control Systems.

B2 Digital

The LIVE Event Sports Company

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